Anti Embolism Stockings

MEDTEX Anti Embolism Stockings are designed in order to obtain effective prevention against DVT, also provides maximum comfort and benefit to patients. The greatest degree of pressure is exerted at the ankle and is gradually reduced towards the knee and/or thigh which prevents swelling in Legs. Also, different colours are given to the heel region of each size of stockings to provide easy separation. Stocking has an inspection hole which controls the blood circulation under the foot fingers.



 Type  Open Toe
 Color  white/Beige  white/Beige  white/Beige
 Length  Knee/Thigh   Knee/Thigh   Knee/Thigh
 Materials  Nylon/Spandex  Nylon/Spandex  Nylon/Spandex

 Circumference(cm)   X-Small   Small   Medium   Large   X-Large
CB 18-20 20-23 23-26 26-29 29-32
CC 28-34 31-37 34-41 37-44 41-48
CG 43-57 49-63 53-67 58-73 64-82
Heel colour Beige Yellow Green Red Blue

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