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MEDTEX Healthcare is a Medical textile company offers wide ranges of medical Compression Stockings made of High Quality fibers and fine yarns by special knitting machines for medical garments which guarantee Comfort, Graduated Compression, Strength and durability of Compression Stockings, Anti-Embolism Stockings, Diabetic socks,Lymphoedema Armsleeves and Elastic Braces.

MEDTEX Compression stockings provide really effective support and bring relief to tired, heavy and aching legs. The greatest degree of pressure is exerted at the ankle and is gradually reduced towards the knee and/or thigh.This assists the return flow of blood to the heart, and swollen legs can usually be avoided.

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Varicose Veins Stockings

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Anti-Embolism/DVT Prophylaxis stockings

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Diabetic Socks

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Our vision is to provide innovative and highest quality healthcare products that DOCTORS prefer for their patients, PATIENTS recommends to family and friends, PURCHASERS select for their Hospital/Institutions.

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Our Mission is to Inspire and Innovate variety of High Quality healthcare products, New Techniques, Increasing product added value and enhancing the competitiveness of the products.

Become a Technology driven company where customers can reach us from anywhere in the world for Merchandising our products.

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